A Hopeful Heart

Please give me the strength to choose right from wrong. Help me have the energy and willpower to be a giving and loving person. Enable me to feel whole so that my inner self can overflow to reach out to others. May I have the emotional stamina to remain at equilibrium throughout life's ups and … Continue reading A Hopeful Heart

Rock your OWN band!

So many different movements are taking place around me constantly, creating a beautiful harmonious orchestra. No matter how hard I try or how many lessons I take, it seems like living with a physical disability just places me a couple of beats too slow. It's hard to reach the perfect pitch when so much is … Continue reading Rock your OWN band!

Is it fair to compare?

Yes, I definitely hear that everyone has challenges in life and that life is not smooth sailing for anyone. It still doesn't seem like that is a fair statement to say to someone born with a chronic illness and/or disability. Yes, you all have challenges but your challenges come and go throughout your lifetime. A … Continue reading Is it fair to compare?

We Got This!!

Keep feeling like you can do it! Don't allow negative thought patterns to overtake your outstanding abilities. If there are people in your life that don't believe in you, stay away from them! We need to continuously remind ourselves of our inherent awesomeness and a deep sense of ability! We are people of never-ending courage … Continue reading We Got This!!

Love Yourself like your Life Depends on it!

Observing the turn of events that take place in my personal life, the lives of my friends and family and of the general world around me never ceases to amaze me. We can never really predict what will happen next or how we will feel about it. We take one step at a time predicting … Continue reading Love Yourself like your Life Depends on it!

Scratch that!

As I am getting older and completely in charge of my own medical care, I decided to undergo some genetic testing so that I have clear answers for when I decide to have children. I found out that the diagnosis that I carried my whole life was incorrect and in fact, I have something completely … Continue reading Scratch that!