I am Human, are you?

The rollercoaster of emotions. Have you ever felt strong feelings? I'm assuming if you are part of the human race you have. Did you ever feel stuck and unsure how to move forward? You might even think that you don't have the strength in you. It may not even have much to do with any … Continue reading I am Human, are you?


Why am I so tough?

What makes me so tough? Why do I put up so many walls? Why do I feel like the safest place is to turn inward? What makes me feel like I always need to be strong? Like all the other emotions in life, these were learned from my past experiences. Life taught me to be … Continue reading Why am I so tough?

The Questions we ask Ourselves

Purpose. What is it for me? How do we know which way is the more profitable investment for my future? Is there really a direction that is superior or is it simply about riding the waves and following the tide? Are strong decisions the ones that are more challenging or following the route that seems … Continue reading The Questions we ask Ourselves

Pat Yourself On the Back

Transitions are tough. They make you doubt everything you've accomplished and the possibility of a future. We as humans thrive on comfort and transitions are the exact opposite. Adulting is moving forward even when we don't necessarily see the benefit or feel the desire. Life is excruciatingly difficult and there is no one standing at … Continue reading Pat Yourself On the Back

A Glimmer of Hope

Why do we crave intimacy yet shut out others when we most need them? Why is it so hard to seek help when we feel alone? Why is life just so exhausting? I am so tired, tired of not feeling full, tired of feeling disconnected from those around me, tired of feeling excluded, tired of … Continue reading A Glimmer of Hope

Working Through the Moment

This is a really tough situation for me right now. I feel very vulnerable like my love and trust is on the line. I am so proud of me for trying. I am so strong, I am so resilient. I am going to get through this uncomfortable situation and I am going to love myself … Continue reading Working Through the Moment

Do we Have a Choice?

Do we really know why we do what we do? Can we truly understand the reasons behind the feelings we feel? Can we understand the depth of our relationships with others and how each one affects our sense of self? There is so much unknown in our world. Even when we think we know, we … Continue reading Do we Have a Choice?

Living through the Pain

Can we move forward without a plan? Can we really feel positively about just being? Is it possible to live in the moment without any sense of worry or concern regarding the past or for the future that has yet to come? Can we remain optimistic on a chance that there may or may not … Continue reading Living through the Pain

Better Together

There is so much talk regarding empowerment and self-love. Being independent and not leaning on others is a virtue that many people stand by. I do agree that loving yourself is important and the foundation of any healthy relationship in our lives. However, I do not believe that we were meant to do it alone. … Continue reading Better Together