Moving On!

Especially for some personalities, having a goal is vital. Goals keep us going. They motivate us to move forward and give purpose to our days. We look forward to reaching the end of our goal yet sometimes when we get there, it can be bittersweet. Once we reach the end there are generally no fireworks … Continue reading Moving On!


Communication, The Key

Once we stop communicating with the people we love we are giving up on the relationship. As long as we are trying to explain, express and speak out our hearts there is a significant chance that the relationship will be mended. As annoyed or frustrated we are we can't stop communicating or all will be … Continue reading Communication, The Key

Traveling Abroad- I can do it!

I just went on a  long vacation travelling through many different countries and seeing the world. I went with others that did not have any physical challenges. This could have been a setback for me if I would have spent time dwelling on the fact that I am physically slower or need to maintain more … Continue reading Traveling Abroad- I can do it!